What is JumpUpon?

JumpUpon is a social advertising service that allows people to receive timely deals, discounts, and coupons, from their local restaurants, retailers, attractions, hotels, and other businesses, at a moment’s notice, via email and mobile phone.

Helping Consumers Connect to Local Businesses

JumpUpon allows consumers to try, enjoy and support businesses in their neighborhood and saving money at the same time by using deals, discounts and coupons from local businesses conveniently delivered into their inbox.

Helping Local Businesses Reach their Local Audience

JumpUpon helps members save, and businesses make money. We provide a platform that allows businesses to offer local deals and incentives to attract consumers in their front door. Our services have been created to provide the most simple and effective way to reach local consumers. Businesses are in charge of what, when, to whom and how much, while JumpUpon is in charge of how. Businesses are in charge of strategy, JumpUpon is in charge of execution.

Small, but with Flare

JumpUpon is led by a small team of professionals with experience drawn from various sizes and industries of business.
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