What Makes JumpUpon Different

... from "Daily Deal" or "Group Buying" advertising


Companies that implement the "Daily Deal" or "Group Buying" business model lure you in by stating "no upfront costs" and "no risk". What they aren't telling you "upfront" is that they are going to instead keep a percentage (quite often as much as 50%) of all sales they receive in vouchers for your products or services. Not too shabby for them eh? Additionally, because they are selling the vouchers for your goods, they hold onto your revenue. That means you could end up redeeming products or services well before they give you your portion of the sales to help offset these redemption costs. In some cases, this has been disastrous for companies.

We believe you should keep 100% of your sales. Instead of asking you to fork over half your proceeds in fees, we charge in more traditional terms of reach and advertising.

No product or service limitations

Our promotions don't need to be about one specific item with a price tag, although they can be. Promotions can accommodate a greater variety of products and services by offering blanket discounts, i.e. "30% off all electronics this Saturday."

No date and time restrictions

“Daily Deal" or "Group Buying" companies dictate when your promotion goes out and how long it lasts. We leave that completely up to you. Promotions could be delivered any minute and may last for a few hours to a few years.

Additionally, vouchers from these types of companies usually can't be redeemed until the next day or longer. If you want people in your door tonight, we want to help.


The type of deal is up to you. While we may decline a deal if the savings isn't significant enough, we don't require all discounts be 50% or greater like Daily Deal" or "Group Buying" companies.

Local and targeted

You tell us how many people you want to target for your promotion. You can either target the whole city or just members located around your business.