Why Use JumpUpon

Advertising has evolved. The Internet, email, mobile, and social media have helped messages move quicker than ever before. But even as communication progresses, gaps still exist in how businesses can promote products and services to local potential customers. For example:
  • How can a new business in the service industry send an electronic ad out to people located within 5 miles from their location?
  • How can a business send out a same-day promotion to people across the city that they're discounting their products that night?
  • How can an entertainment-oriented business offer last minute discounted tickets for an event coming up in 3 hours?
  • How can a new startup business with limited budget still get great exposure to a targeted audience?
Here’s where JumpUpon comes in and this is how we bridge the gaps of traditional print, radio, TV and online advertising:

Eager opted-in audience

JumpUpon can land your promotion in consumers email inboxes, which are more likely to be read than other forms of advertising.

Online buzz and social media

JumpUpon helps create online buzz for your promotion via social media and other outlets like Facebook and Twitter.

Upfront low costs

JumpUpon costs less than nearly all other forms of advertising and charges you based on the amount of people you want it received by at 7 cents per person or less.


JumpUpon allows you to get exposure even if people do not jump upon your deal the first time.

Flexibility and options

JumpUpon lets you define when you want your promotion delivered and how long you want it to last.

Location, location, location

JumpUpon sends your promotion out to people closest to your business and spans out from there to your heart's content.

Time is of the essence

JumpUpon can send your message out when you want it out, including getting your last-minute message out in 3 hours to people located around you.

Track your results

JumpUpon provides you with tools and detailed analytics to measure the success of your promotion such as how many people opened it, where they went, and of course, how many took the deal.

Not your "Daily Deal"

Not your Daily Deal You may think, "Ah, I've heard this before. This is similar to other websites offering daily deals." On the contrary, whereas a daily deal website sends out one deal a day, we may send out any number. Our business model is completely different and provides significant savings and advantages over them.